JUNE 1 - 14

 Vista  (noun)

      - a pleasing view


This exhibition of small works documents many little vistas experienced in my daily life...

Whether it’s a glimpse between the trees on an island walk, a sudden change of light on the water or a memory of zooming around the bay in my pink dinghy ‘Frank’.


Through soft pastel tones, watery washes and staccato white lines, these ‘Little Vistas’ ooze an overwhelming sense of calm. It is my intention to bring a little piece of this tranquility into your home for your ongoing pleasure. 


So please pour yourself a wine, hit play on the exhibition playlist and enjoy the show! 

A note on tunes… I grew up listening to ‘October Road’ by James Taylor through dads’ old stereo. I loved the routine of opening up the cover, inserting the disk, gazing at the album artwork and listening to every song on the album in order. October Road is a beautiful, dreamy reminder of little pleasures and I think it compliments this body of work perfectly - enjoy!