Sydney artist Gemma Rasdall breathes new life into old sails and the vibrant seascapes she produces tell the story of a life well lived by the sea. Growing up in the beautiful bay of Pittwater was an ideal location to instil a love for the water. Weekends were spent racing out of the local sailing club, whilst at home (with an art teacher for a mother) creativity was the primary focus. 

On the side of university, travel and full time work Gemma painted obsessively to develop her own unique artistic style, combining both her passions (sailing and art) - to paint on sailcloth.  These paintings began to make traction leading to many group and solo exhibitions.


Gemma is now a full time practicing artist and has been selected as a finalist in a number of prestigious prizes including the Lloyd Rees Memorial Art Prize (2019), The Ravenswood Art Prize (2019,2020), The Northern Beaches Art Prize (2019, 2020) and the John Lesley Art Prize (2020).  Gemma is determined to continue to push the boundaries of traditional marine art and make a name for herself in the Australian art community. 

She currently lives on her modest yacht with puppy Arkie and works from her Scotland Island studio.