MAY 7 - JUNE 20

Welcome to Scotland Island: a short boat ride, casual paddle or vigorous swim from Church Point Wharf on Garigal Country, NSW. We offshore dwellers blow in and out with the tides, basking like seals when the sun shines and washing up like drowning rats when the squalls hit. This place and its people – a quirky and multifarious community – warm my soul and flood my creative practice with colour and movement. These artworks are collection of moments captured around the island and its surrounding bays from friends’ and neighbours’ houses. It is an ode to the place I call home.

This story was first captured in my artwork 'Framed By Life Offshore' that has just been announced as a finalist in this year's Wynne Prize and is available for viewing at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. 

A continuation of this body of work is featured below and is currently on show at Bathers Pavilion in Balmoral.